Hiking Trails

Falls Lake

One of the highlights of Falls Lake are the wonderful hiking trails that surround the lake and the lake parks.  There are trails of all lengths and skill levels within Falls Lake Recreation Area.  If you enjoy hiking and getting out in nature, you will love hiking at Falls Lake.  Below is more information on each of the hiking trails.

Rolling View Trails

There are two trails within the Rolling View area.  One trail connects the campground loops and passes by the beach area.  The length of this trail is 1.5 miles.  The second trail travels through the pine trees and long the edge of the lake for .75 miles.

Beaverdam Trail

The trail in the Beaverdam Area is a 0.6 mile hike through the pine tree woods to a platform overlooking Duck Cove.  Then 0.6 miles back to the park along the same trail.

Holly Point Trail

The trail in the Holly Point Area starts in the loop 2 camping area and goes through loops 3, 4, and 5 and on to the boat ramp.  The trail is for registered overnight campers only and is 1.1 miles one way.

B.W. Wells Trail

The trail in the B.W. Wells Group Camping Area is a fun little trail loop that connects all the group camping areas.  The trail is 1.0 mile long.

Enjoy hiking at Falls Lake!